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Forquer’s thick pocket grease adhesive is a must when restoring any baseball glove. Without new pocket grease adhesive it does not matter how much cleaning, conditioning the leather and lacing is done to the glove it is just not completely reconditioned or restored. If the glove’s pocket is not adhered, it can pucker and not hold the reshaping pocket for any length of time. This is why placing some new pocket grease adhesive between the inner and the outer palm lining of the glove will allow the baseball glove pocket to be reshaped and improve the gloves longevity.

Forquer’s pocket grease tackiness holds the inner and the outer palm lining of a glove’s pocket without permanently adhering the leather. The pocket grease tackiness is what allows the glove to be reshaped.

Lewis Forquer’s Grease and Laces sells you guest it Pocket Grease Adhesive and Laces.
Our pocket grease adhesive is the highest quality for reconditioning and restoring any baseball glove. If you are using our pocket grease then you should buy our laces also and we only sell Auburn Pro Glove Advantage™ Laces this are by far the finest leather glove lace made in the USA which means the best in the world.
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